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 ACCEPTED - Death Knight Tanker

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PostSubject: ACCEPTED - Death Knight Tanker   Thu Apr 16, 2009 2:53 pm

About Me: Hi, My name is Misha iam 21 years old living in The Netherlands playing for for 1 year now.

Name: Misha
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Country: Netherlands
English fluency: good
What I'm doing in RL?: Iam working as a police officer in a special arrest united something like the USA Swat Teams!
Do you know anyone in Aspire?: none.

About my character:

Character name: Valkyer
Class: Death knight.
Specc: Frost.
If your a DPS class, what is your unbuffed training dummy DPS and your raidbuffed DPS
Link to your armory profile:
Major glyphs: Glypht of Death and decay, Obliterate, scourge strike
Minor glyphs: Glypht of Death's embrace, pestilence, Raise death
Professions: BS-Mining
Do you have any offspec ambitions and gear?: Blood DPS
The Sons of Hodir rep status: Honored atm

Game experience:

Describe your experience in WoW:
Karazhan @ lvl 70
lots of oldschool raids like onxia on lvl 80
all the Raids and instances on WOTLK some not fully cleared but i know all the tactics

What is the hardest dungeon/raid achievement you have already completed?: EoE10/25 only not getting my achievements !?! Heroic: mama said knock u out OS10 with 1drake, OS25 Gonna go when the vulcano blows

My character history:

Previous name(s): -

Previous guild(s): Uninted Heroes ( still in there but looking for a more raiding guild)

Reason(s) for leaving: Raiding is not what i first thought of this guild progress and raiding not going fast enough for me!

Raid attendance: Almost every day! will tell a week in advance the days i cant come!

How many evenings can you raid Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri , Sat ,Sun 20:00-23:00 (type yes/maybe/no)

Monday - yes
Tuesday - yes
Wednesday - yes
Thursday - yes
Sunday - yes
Saturday - yes
Friday - yes

Reason(s) to join Aspire?
Looking for a good raiding guild hoping to find that with u guys u look pro and want to go for progression like The immortal, undying etc!
Do you have mic?: Yes

Other: Running on a Quad core 3,2 Ghz 8 gig ram 4x Nvidia 9600 ultra running wow on ultra high with 110+ frames avrage!
Are there any other things you would like to add which were not mentioned before?: I like to make a joke and laugh lol!

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PostSubject: Re: ACCEPTED - Death Knight Tanker   Thu Apr 16, 2009 5:46 pm

Hey , i'm just posting to let you know iv'e read ur application.

Unfortunatly armory is down atm. BUT , my first impression is good.
except you didn't filled in wich raids . Fill those in please.

Or if you haven't done any yet , just tell us so we know.

Good luck mate , thumbps up ^^

** Plox **
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PostSubject: Re: ACCEPTED - Death Knight Tanker   Sat Apr 18, 2009 7:59 pm

Nevermind, we wanna invest in u XD Really wanted you in the guild as you seem like a very dedicated and nice guy, aswell as u haz skillz.

Welcome mate =)
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PostSubject: Re: ACCEPTED - Death Knight Tanker   

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ACCEPTED - Death Knight Tanker
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