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 Aspire Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Aspire Guild Rules   Aspire Guild Rules I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 10, 2009 4:20 am

What are we expecting from you:

# Be sure that you want to join, so that when your friends start whispering you about going back you will not do it and stay in Aspire
# You can stay focused for all the raid time (we do make breaks sometimes)
# You will do your best to help in progress of the guild any way it's possible
# You are not afraid of a wipefest
# Loot isn't your main priority
# You bring consumables that are best available for your class (it means: potions / flasks / food / reagents / additional ones)
# You will socket gems and enchant your new items ASAP after raid ends
# You need to have Ventrillo installed
# You do understand what is being said on Ventrillo
# Mature behaviour and able to take harsh criticism when necessary
# Raiding addons: Deadly Boss Mods / BigWigs . Omen . Decursive/Dispell addons if your class can use them . Grid / HealBot if you are healer
#Respect other guild members
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Aspire Guild Rules
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